About me?

Rest in the Passion of Christ and dwell gladly in his Sacred Wounds

Anchorite, from Greek ἀναχωρητής from ἀναχωρέω (“I withdraw, retire”), via Latin.

Thank you for reading the blog!

About me? Nothing much to say. I am a 50-something single Anglican layperson. I am trying to live like an anchorite of old without actually being one. I pray, meditate, and read. And I share some of that on here.

I am shaped by the Anglican tradition and that is the tradition in which I feel most comfortable. I sometimes teach a Bible Study online, sometimes help with liturgy, sometimes help with the parish social media.

I read just about anything by Soren Kierkegaard without ever understanding it. Recently I have read some old mystical texts, especially medieval English. I am no academic, theologian, or philosopher – my happy place, hermitage, or cell, is with books and ideas.

I like my tea black using leaves. Sometimes I drink herbal tea but most of the time it is Russian Caravan.

I am always happy to chat. But I am not into debating, arguing, or defending myself – real discussion with real people. If that is you I can be contacted via this blog.

So this blog is random thoughts on theology, philosophy, TV shows, books, and life in general. I do not have a product to sell and I am not a brand. I speak with “no authority” – I speak for no religious group or denomination, no party or movement. I speak from my own experience and life.